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Complete accident management service

If you’ve been in an accident and need repairs on your vehicle then please enquire about us first before committing to the repair shop recommended by your insurance provider. Google reviews speak for themselves and we’re proud of the brilliant reviews we’ve curated over the years.

Know your rights

The period following an accident can be stressful, so it can be easy to forget what rights you have in that moment. Let us remind you so that you don’t get messed around by your insurance company:
• If you are hit by someone else then you don’t have to claim on your insurance
• You don’t need to pay excess
• You are entitled to alternative transport
• You can choose where you send your car for repairs
• You are able to claim back your out-of-pocket expenses

Approved Accident Repair Centre

Autocare Repair Centre Ltd. are certified by Volkswagen Group UK Limited as an Approved Accident Repair Centre for Volkswagen Group UK Limited to become an Approved Accident Repair Centre for Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, SKODA, CUPRA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Volkswagen Group UK Limited regularly inspects and monitors all Approved Accident Repair Centres to ensure they consistently provide outstanding repair quality and exceptional customer service.

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BSI – vehicle damage repair

Because we are fully accredited with the BSI 10125 certification, our services (compared to non-BSI10125 accredited repair shops) are:
• Of a higher quality
• Performed by better trained staff
• More efficient (a quicker turnaround)
• Safer for our staff and our customers


Hybrid/electric vehicle body repair

While these types of vehicles may look like their petrol/diesel counterparts from the outside, they’re very different underneath. Our team are experienced in repairing both hybrid and electric vehicles and are aware of the potential risks when working on them and how to avoid them.

A.D.A.S Advanced Driver Assistance Systems calibration

If your vehicle is fitted with camera systems or collision assistance equipment, then by law they will need to be calibrated if you’ve had a wheel alignment or if your cameras were disconnected for any reason. We do this with the latest Texa ADAS calibration equipment.

3D four-wheel alignment

You don’t have to be in an accident for your wheels to be knocked out of alignment. This can happen after contact with speed bumps, kerbs or potholes. We use Hunter 3D wheel alignment tools to realign your suspension geometry back to your vehicle manufacturers specifications.

Chassis straightening facilities with electronic measurement system

Because the bodywork of a car is usually all that people see, it’s so easy for there to be more damage than meets the eye. At our shop, we use a Shark measuring system along with a Global jig to measure and repair your chassis back to within 2mm tolerance of your manufacturers specification.

Aluminium body repairs

Repairing aluminium is very different to repairing steel because it’s lighter but also stronger and therefore harder to return to normal. Our staff are experienced in repairing aluminium bodywork, including the paintwork.

On-site paint mixing systems

We mix all of our paint on-site and use water-based paints which are better for the environment and can be applied in thin layers making it easier to achieve a smooth and even paintwork finish. We use Spectro cameras in our shop to identify a precise colour match for your vehicle. Then every vehicle is painted in our Junair spray booths for the perfect finish.

Vehicle air conditioning

Did you know that your vehicle’s air con needs recharging around every two years so that it can function regularly? We can perform a performance check to see if your air con is working properly and if needed recharge it for you.


Our staff can repair punctures if it is economical to do so. If the puncture is near the sides or is too big then the tyre will have to be replaced.



You don’t have to fork out for expensive breakdown cover either through your insurance or through a company recommended by your insurance. Just save our number and contact us if you are ever in need of vehicle recovery and we can tow your vehicle straight to the shop ourselves.

Replacement hire vehicles/courtesy vehicles

If you’ve been involved in an accident then in some cases you will have the right to a courtesy vehicle. In other circumstances we may be able to arrange a courtesy car for you while yours is being repaired, subject to terms and conditions.

Full valeting service

Full valeting services are popular for people who are either returning a hire car or a car that they have on lease or finance. We can take care of any exterior cosmetic issues and return the interior of the vehicle to as good as new.


Autocare quality guarantee

We are confident in our work and now offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our repairs and paintwork. If you ever have any issues then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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